These archives are a collection of articles, press photos, strange stories and conspiracies. We include the fake Apollo moon landings, Secrets of Mars and new topics that will be published over the coming years. The Dutch news article section about UFOs and other strange stories, you can use Google translate to translate any article into your favorite language. 


AwE130 a journey towards the truth for all mankind.

apollo hoax 1Apollo Hoax Explained
The Apollo moon landings one of the most intriguing conspiracies of all. In 2012 AwE130 was in direct contact with the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ) chief editor. In a short time we got a halve dozen credits for correcting the historical Apollo archives. But we did see things we were worried about and by the end of 2012 we stepped away from the ALSJ and went our own way. It would had been easer to swim with the ALSJ fish down the stream and gain more and more credits on the ALSJ that runs on the NASA website. To AwE130 truth is more important then credits.
dutch news papers 1Dutch News Clppings
The Dutch newspaper clippings archive have a google translate button. At this moment we have articles about space, UFOs, Strange Stories and Wars. When you want to see into the future look at the past. The AwE130 Dutch news clippings archive are a mix of article we have stored in our archives and articles we found in online newspaper archives. Over 200 news articles about strange activities in our skies are now uploaded to the Dutch UFO clippings archive, starting as early as the 18th century. Our clippings about the second world war have interesting articles from around 1945 which claim that Adolf Hitler was not killed in Berlin, but escaped. The Strange stories are a wild collection of news articles from fish who fall as rain out of the sky to Admiral Byrd who discovered so call warm oases at the South pole.
mars 1Secrets of Mars
The secrets of Mars are another subject we are interested in, NASA has released many CGI images and computer animations. Many people online find the most bizarre anomalies and we will try to cover them. Also will we look at old news articles about the earlier Mars expeditions. The cover up of life on Mars is one of the biggest crimes against the people of the world according many researcher around the world.
Strange Storiesunexplained 10
The unexplained stories is a new part of the archive that is planned for 2017, we have uploaded already a few articles to give you a little preview what to expect.
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