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11 February 2014
The Apollo 10 near crash part 3,

Not only does the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ) make stuff up as they go along but also Apollo 10 astronaut Cernan tells a different story every time when it comes to the Apollo 10 near crash. Last year we showed you in part 1 how Cernan had changed the story. During the Discovery channel series "Rocket Science" Apollo 10 astronaut Cernan told that the ascent module tumbled and that he saw the lunar horizon come by 8 times in about 15 seconds. AwE130 has stored an old reel film of that event and in those days the story was completely different. According the old 8mm reel the ascent module made a 180 degree flip and back in 8 seconds, we have the exact NASA footage of what happened. We have now however found a third story that is different again from the other two. On the website "honey suckle creek", one of the Apollo tracking stations, they quote Cernan as saying:

Cernan: “I saw the lunar horizon coming through my window about five times from different directions in about 8 seconds. We were able to throw the right switches to get it under control it was hard but we did it. We weren’t being banged around the cockpit, we were cinched down in our straps in a standing position.”

Cernan: “Son of a bitch! I don’t know what the hell that was, baby. The thing just took off on us. I tell you, there was a moment there.... I thought we were wobbling all over the sky.”

Cernan: “Those words came involuntarily I didn’t even know I had said them until I got home and somebody played the tape for me. It was just a natural emotion those words didn’t come out until after we got things under control. You know, you’re a long way from home at 50,000 feet above the lunar surface and all of a sudden you’re spinning around in three different directions, 8 seconds can be a long time.”


Now we have three versions of the same event and the two versions given by Cernan are both far from the truth. The problem is that it is impossible to make a 180 degree flip in space and back in 8 seconds in the way our footage shows. If there is anyone out there who thinks it is possible please provide us with the calculations of how the thrusters could have possibly made this correction, don't forget the astronauts did manually. So did Cernan change the story to make it more realistic, thinking that there was no footage of this event? Here is the footage of the impossible event brought to you by AwE130.

According a Dutch newspaper Cernan also said something different than what is recorded on the "honey suckle creek" website. 
Apollo 10 near crashAfter the Elliptical orbit was almost completed and they approached the landing site again, they had to disconnect from the ascent stage. During this manoeuvre the descent stage started to roll and Stafford had problems to keep the descent stage under control. Cernan said after this unsuspended roll: "I tell you it was wild, boys, we went backwards. There was a moment there". According to ground control the cause of the roll was a wrong programming of two systems that should have stabilized the spaceship.
So they went backward according to Cernan we wonder if that is recorded somewhere? It is time you join the journey towards the truth for all mankind.