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When arguments fail the Apollo moon landings are exposed
When all arguments fail and the fake prophets become fallen angels that is the moment the Apollo moon landings are exposed. The gatekeeper is losing the control resulting in complete anarchy among the fake prophets and their followers. Here is why the fake prophets and their followers are going wild as the gatekeeper stopped to feed the fake prophets information in an attempt to restore the order. The fake prophets have no answers anymore and the followers start to understand that but they do not want to open their eyes as they have to admit that they are wrong. 
Stan Lebar: “We Knew We Had A Problem”
Stan Lebar led the Westinghouse Electric Corporation team that developed the lunar black and white camera. In 2009 he was present during the Newseum presentation of the newly restored Apollo 11 tapes. Mr Stan Lebar had to tell us something that we should not ignore “I have been asked for many years what I thought about when I first saw the camera”. He goes on to explain what he thought, “What we saw at that point was rather disturbing because it was not what we had simulated and we knew we had a problem and, er, that would, er, concern me for some 40 years, so that’s what I experienced at that point in time and that’s what I remember…”.


Alexey Leonov: Kubrick did film parts of the Apollo 11 footage?

What was it that kept Stan lebar concern me for some 40 years? Leonov, the Russian astronaut who was the first man to walk in space, tells that the Americans did land on the moon but that Kubrick did film parts of the Apollo moon landings on Earth. This echoes the statement made by the late Stan Lebar. But you cannot be at two places at once or Neil was on the moon or he was in a studio.
During the press conference were Stan Lebar was speaking about his concern, one journalist asked the one and only question that was correct, as a "joke". You can see how this NASA official looks very insecure after he gets the "joke".
Apollo Mission Control worker Mr R Teague, has doubt about photo material on the moon.
Russian engineer told Mr Teague "No you did't go to the moon".
Mr Teague also states "Probable the surface photography with the Hasselblad cameras was faked".
The mountain of statements is growing and the pro Apollo groups are running around in circles as they also see that something is very wrong with the Apollo moon landings. The fake prophets start to become fallen angels as they are not able to debate the issues anymore. This are the first signs of the collapse of their network and the gatekeeper is afraid to get exposed by his fallen angels. From this point on the spiral is only downwards for the gatekeeper, fake prophets and their followers. The whisper is getting louder.