23 March 2014
Apollo 15 image AS15-85-11470 part 1
How the Apollo 15 image AS15-85-11470 in the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ) has been altered over time. The first image is the cached version from 14 November 2000. It was on display in the ALSJ until 2 June 2002. 
The second image was on display in the ALSJ from 2 June 2002 until 4 September 2006.
The third image was on display from 4 of september 2006 until today. 
 Credit NASA images
Have a look at the three images and you will see that they have been manipulated over time. This is a direct indication that something is seriously wrong with the Apollo photo material on display in the ALSJ (which runs on the nasa.gov website). As far as we know the disappearing and reappearing "rock" was first brought to light by Aulis website. There is much more that is wrong with the Apollo images, for more information follow this link:  http://aulis.com/jackstudies_index1.html
Roll your mouse over the image below and you will see that both these official Apollo 15 mission photos are not the same. Most likely the pro Apollo side will explain this away by telling you that it was a bad scan and that there is nothing wrong with the Apollo mission photos of the moon. We think there is something wrong and that Apollo never landed a man on the moon. Why would there be three different versions of the same image in a historical archive. As always you are the judge. It is time you join the journey towards the truth for all mankind. Also see Part 2.
Credit image NASA
AS15-85-11470 5
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