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What is the AwE130 website about?
In one simple word it is "Truth" about conspiracies theories that become conspiracy facts. The Apollo moon landings, the origin of man and UFOs are some of the subjects we are looking into. For too long the powers that hide in the dark have danced around the real questions by spreading misinformation and ridiculing people who ask questions. We believe in a healthy honest debate concerning these conspiracies to see where the conspiracy theories become conspiracy facts.


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Why do we have ads?

AwE130.com is a non-commercial hobby website, why do we have ads sometimes? The short answer is because it costs money to run any website. We run advertisements to cover parts of our cost and to provide new research materials and information for our visitors. Accepting google advertising is a way to cover a part of our costs. Ads may not make claims and advertisers do not have any editorial control over the content of the site, other than to request that their ad appear or not appear on specific pages. 
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