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(Grammar corrected article February 2015) January 3, 2014
It is almost 45 years ago that the Apollo 11 moon landings were sold to the world. 45 years of misinformation, fake images and contradicting stories from people who get paid to keep the public in the dark. For many years AwE130 has doubted the Apollo moon landings but after we saw the first Chinese images from the moon our doubts were confirmed and we are convinced now that the Apollo moon landings are a hoax. In 2012 AwE130 was contacted by people who are connected to the ALSJ. AwE130 told them that we had doubts about the Apollo moon landings and that if the ALSJ was sure about the landings they would have answers to most of our questions. Within no time AwE130 had direct contact with Eric Jones the chief editor of the ALSJ. We told the ALSJ chief editor that we had doubts about the Apollo moon landings, but if they were real only a correct historical archive would be the answer. AwE130 also told the chief editor that a historical archive needs to include the views of the conspiracy side. If a historical archive only shows one side of the story it is not a historical archive but a propaganda tool that will not withstand the test of time.
Within no time the AwE130 investigation showed one mistake after another in the ALSJ. This resulted in one correction after another plus credits. The contact we had with Eric Jones lasted for a few months until we confronted the chief editor with questions he had no answers for any more. The chief editor tried everything to make us say the wrong thing, a common game played in the Apollo moon landing debate. AwE130 did not react on it and kept focused on solutions for the problems found in the ALSJ record. It became clear to us that Eric Jones, who became very personal at times, was not interested in the truth. AwE130 told him that if he had a problem communicating with us he should just tell us not to contact him any more, and that there was no reason to get personal. The following email is one of the last communications we had with Eric Jones and it confirms that the ALSJ chief editor has no intention of debating the Apollo moon landings in a open and honest debate. We have only blocked out the email addresses.
Email from Eric Jones:
From: XXXXXX.com
Subject: Re: AS11-40-5863-69 the real story
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 13:37:12 +1100
To: XXXXXX.com
Hi Adrian,
I didn’t actually mean you. So far, you’re the most rational hoax believer I’ve encountered. Moving the image to the artistic section is a good idea and will be done, with proper credit to you.
I gather from Ed that at least some hoax believers use his assembly as evidence that the missions have been faked. They can believe what they like; and I can choose to ignore them.
I do think it is time to end this correspondence. I do appreciate the questions that have made me think. However, I realize now that our correspondence has the potential of dragging me into the debate, despite your best intentions.
Eric Jones feared he would become part of a debate. Even though we did not support the moon hoax at the time he called AwE130 hoax believers, another common practice of the ALSJ community when you disagree with them. The email shows that the chief editor also uses this kind of communication when you disagree with him. 2014, it is time for the truth, The Chinese moon lander has shown us images from the moon that look nothing like the Apollo images. The first Chinese images from the moon are real, for the simple reason that if the Chinese were going to fake the images they would have made them look like the Apollo images. Why would the Chinese fake images from the moon and make them look different from the world wide accepted “real” Apollo images. The Chinese images have convinced AwE130 that that Apollo images are faked. This is why we, after many years of investigation, fully support the Apollo moon hoax theory now. The debate is on, with or without Eric Jones. He will be in shock and AwE130 in 2014. We will use different websites and forums to release our information. AwE130 also calls upon the ALSJ whistle-blowers who have informed us over the years to step forward and to speak out. AwE130 a journey towards the truth for all mankind.
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