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The Dutch space clippings section has a sub menu, it will appear under the main menu on the right side of the screen (For mobile phones on the bottom). The Dutch news clipping archive is created for people who are interested in old news clippings about the subjects described below. All articles are ordered by year, you can use google translate for your favourite language.

Space dutch buttonThe space (ruimtevaart) collocation of Dutch news articles. Use google translated and read the articles in your favourite language. For native Dutch speakers we have a second archive (without translations). We are always welcome people who sent us  articles that are related to space and space exploration.

ufo dutch buttonThe Dutch UFO and extraterrestrial archive is a must read for everyone who is interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial life. News clippings that date back to the 1800th century. This archive will frequently be updated with new articles. The collection has at this moment over 200 news clippings related to the UFO phenomena and encounters with aliens from all around the world.
strange dutch buttonStrange stories from around the world, this is a new archive of Dutch clipping that was created in 2015, we will keep uploading new articles on a frequently base. The strange and unexplained stories are an interesting read and it makes you wonder if the mysteries will ever get solved.
wars dutch buttonWar stories and secret weapons is a new archive we have opened in 2015. News clipping about wars and secret weapons will be uploaded in 2016.
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