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18 January 2014
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Mystery Rock on Mars or is it a Fungus?
Many websites reported the last days about a mysterious rock that seemed to have appeared out of nothing on image SOL 3540 from the Mars rover Opportunity. On image SOL 3540 made in January 2014, a "rock" seems to show up out of nothing. In image SOL 3528, that was made of the same area earlier according To NASA/JPL, the "rock" is not present. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California has named the "rock" Pinnacle Island. 
The Discovery Website 17 January 2014:
"After a decade of exploring the Martian surface, the scientists overseeing veteran rover Opportunity thought they’d seen it all. That was until a rock mysteriously “appeared” a few feet in front of the six wheeled rover a few days ago."
On all websites the object is called a rock but what if it is not a rock but a kind of alien fungus. Below you see images SOL 3528 and 3540 beside each other. When you move your mouse over the image the rock or alien fungus will be marked.
Credit Images NASA/JPL
sol3528 3540
The first obvious question that comes to mind is why did the alien fungus not show up in the earlier image SOL 3528? The answer to that question could well be given by the image itself. When you look at the spot were the fungus should be, you see some strange anomalies. It looks like a fungus has been pulled out of the ground, you can still see the marks of the roots of the fungus in SOL 3528. Did NASA switch the order of the images and was image SOL 3540 taken first and SOL 3528 taken after NASA harvested the fungus? NASA has mis-numbered images before.  The image below shows the same area, look how on the left image SOL 3528 it appears that NASA has harvested the fungus. SOL 3540 must have been take earlier in that case. 
sol 3528 3540 fungiThis could be proof of life on Mars, We seriously doubt this is a rock. This could be hardcore whistle blowing from insiders, in the hope someone would pick up on the images and notice that it was not a rock but a living kind of alien fungus or plant that grows on Mars. According to NASA/JPL the "rock" was stuck in one of the Opportunity transport wheels, came loose and rolled to that spot. This story is not very believable as you can clearly see that the area in SOL 3528 is disturbed. What would be the chance that a rock would roll to exacly that spot? 
Fungi are one of the toughest life forms and fungus is Earth's largest living organism. We have found some similar fungi (images below article) to give you an idea that what JPL is calling the Pinnacle Island may well be the first image that shows an alien life form on Mars.
The following image was released by with the folowing caption, "Screenshot from Steve Squyres presentation celebrating 10 years of the Mars Exploration Rovers. A rock suddenly appeared where there was none 12 sols earlier."
Credit Images NASA/JPL
An article that appeared on 20 January 2013 on the English newspaper website, The article is talking about possible life on Mars.  Is the latest image that was released by NSA/JPL an rock or a fungi? Like always you are the judge, it would be interesting to see what biologists and geologists
have to say about this latest "rock". 
"Prof John Parnell, 55, has co-written a theory with Dr Joseph Michalski, a planetary geologist at the Natural History Museum, that suggests they have discovered the best signs of life in the huge McLaughlin Crater on the surface of Mars."
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Below you see images of fungus and lichen on Earth.
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