Dutch live Apollo 11 broadcast was erased within 5 years.
In the Netherlands the Apollo 11 live broadcast was erased within 5 years (according to Rudolf Spoor, Television Director of the Apollo moon landings NOS). ED Hengeveld, an "Apollo Lunar Surface Journal" (ALSJ)contributor who works for the NOS (the Dutch equivalent of BBC) spent some years searching for the tapes before coming to the conclusion that they were gone. He later found a copy of the broadcast owned by a private collector, a man named Dick Schwartz. He found this out by pure chance after seeing a short clip of the broadcast on a talk show twenty years later in 1989. He contacted the host of the show and was told that the clip came from the Dutch science adviser, Grit Titular, who was present in the studio during the original live broadcast. Titular told Ed Hengeveld that the tape came from Mr Schwartz who had recorded the broadcast from the television in 1969 with an Ampex recorder. According to Mr Schwartz the Ampex tape was later transferred onto a VHS tape.
Subtitles in English by AwE130,  credit video Nederlandse Omroep Stichting.