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The question to NASA: Are these the mysterious swirls on the moon?

What is seen in these images of magazine 80 NASA? We think this could be close ups of the so called mysterious swirls on the moon. Before you read this article read the links below. 



What is seen in those image NASA? Why are they never uploaded to your website? These are the first two questions that come to mind when you look at them. The NASA index information describes magazine W(80) image as:
"Magazine W contains 207 frames of usable black and white 3400 photography". (Scroll to page 117).
When you look at the introduction that accomplishes the photos you will see that the information was made available to individuals and organisations for research.
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Why are they never published online NASA? The information was not classified in 1971 as the introduction shows. AwE130 likes to remind NASA of an old woman who was so honest to contact NASA about a few moon rocks.
Our question is simple are these the mysterious swirls seen on some of the magazine 80 images? This could be the reason why NASA never did place them online. You don't know what they are as can be read in the link to your own website on top of this article. AwE130 hopes NASA lets its science heart speak and tells us and the world what it is we see in the images. Many good honest people work at NASA we are convinced of that but a few rotten apples make the whole space agency look like jerks. 
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