Apollo 10 crew to orbit and possibly land on the moon

apollo 10

14th November 1968, Stafford, Cernan and Young first to orbit the moon.

The United States has announced the names of the crew of “Apollo-10”, who will make a trip around the moon in June next year. They are Thomas Stafford, Eugene Cernan and John Young. In June, 1966 the three men made a three-day flight with 'Gemini-9'. They formed the reserve crew for the recent flight of "Apollo-7".

Apollo 10 may land on the moon.

apollo 10

4th January 1969, Apollo 9 Lunar Module is a dummy.

(From our aerospace employee) Apollo 9 will be launched on or around February 28th, complete with the Lunar Module. The crew consists of James McDivitt, David Scott and Russel Schweickart. In Earth orbit a variety of techniques will be tested, to be performed upon landing on the Moon, such as transferring two astronauts (McDivitt and Schweickart) into the Lunar Module, some spacewalks, and some rendezvous and docking experiments. The flight will take about ten days. In May or June of the following year Apollo 10 will be discussed (also with Lunar Module). The Apollo 10 crew consists of Thomas Stafford, John Young and Eugene Cernan.

Apollo 10 Command Module and LEM connected in Lab.

apollo 10

6th february 1969, Photo of the moment they get connected.

AROUND MID MAY Apollo 10 will be launched. This space flight will focus on the testing of the vehicle that will land on the moon on a subsequent flight. The photo shows the moment when the command cabin is placed on the metal casing of the lunar vehicle.

Apollo 10, stomach problems.

apollo 10

22nd May 1969, Strange lights observed in the Aristarchus crater.

HOUSTON (Reuter, AP) The lunar navigators Staford, Young and Cernan are having stomach problems. There is hydrogen gas in their drinking water, which does not cause any pain, but some discomfort. The medical flight leader Dr. Berry prescribed them lomotil pills. Incidentally, he has found the trio fully fit to perform the upcoming operations near the moon.

Cernan: we don't see the moon.

apollo 10

22nd May 1969, It seems we are where you think we are.

The first two lunar orbits of Apollo had a low point of 111 kilometers and a high point of 320 kilometers. Later, by re-igniting the rocket engine, the astronauts would bring their spaceship into a circular orbit at a height of 111 kilometers.