Apollo 10, 8mm film

apollo 10

Digitized by AwE130.

This 8mm film is from the early 1970's and shows how the Apollo 10 flight around the moon was sold to the public. Footage of the so called "near crash" and scale models that move unnaturally around a moon that looks like a plaster model give the hoax away. 

NASA Apollo 10 propaganda video

apollo 10

Good old 1960's propaganda.

The Apollo 10 story from beginning to end. Enjoy the dramatic music and a low voice that explains what is going on. This film is a gem because it gives dozens of clues that show that Apollo 10 was not what they told your grandparents it was. At 5:18 is a fake shot of the Earth from space. At 16:20 you will see the lunar surface projected under the simulator [See video lunar simulator]. Or what about the Apollo near crash at 18:40. Don't miss out on the fake looking earth rise at 18:07. For sure you will be able to find many more. In the end you are the judge in a journey towards the truth.