Apollo 11, great danger

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13th June 1969, Warning for Apollo 11.

NASA takes a great risk by adhering exactly to the flight plan. Two weeks ago certain scientists together with the experienced astronauts crew warned that the Apollo 11 exercise program must be completed too quickly. The three men get almost no time to recover. "They have the most exhausting training ahead of them" said astronauts William Anders (Apollo 8) and John Young (Apollo 10). The risk of illness increases as a result. The astronauts of the previous Apollo flights suffered from headaches, nausea and colds. The crew of Apollo 10 however was able to rest for two weeks beforehand and had no problems, Stafford said.

Health of astronauts excellent

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24th July 1969, landing area of Apollo 11 has changed due to tropical storm.

From our space agency SJOERD VAN DER WERF AMSTERDAM, 24 July. The landing site of Apollo 11 has been changed. The flight control in Houston came to this decision because the original landing area is currently being plagued by a tropical storm. Now the point where Apollo must descend tonight has been moved 398 kilometers.

Experts crack Johnson

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24th July 1969, Criticizing moon race with Russians. The battle for the moon.

STRANGELY ENOUGH, NASA – ordered by President Eisenhower to forget all about a moon landing, was able to produce fully detailed plans that not only showed that a moon landing was indeed possible, but also that such a landing was the only space project that would offer the opportunity to gain an advantage over the Russians. In these plans, the year 1967 and not 1969 is stated as the year for the landing.