Apollo 11 training video

apollo 11 crew xAn 8mm film from the late sixties.

This video shows the Apollo 11 crew was preparing for the flight to the moon. The training video shows how high you should be able to jump on the moon in one sixth G, as well as some underwater training and footage from the zero-G flights to simulate weightlessness. It all looks so amateurish that you start to question if they were even able to get man into Low Earth Orbit. This 8mm film footage from the late sixties was digitized by AwE130.

Apollo 11, Walton 8mm Film

apollo 11 crew xAn 8mm Walton film from the early seventies.

Apollo 11 moon landing, 8mm film digitized by AwE130 in a journey towards the truth for all mankind. More than half a century ago Apollo landed a man on the moon. When will you start to ask questions?

NASA, For all mankind

apollo 11 crew xNASA this looks so fake.

A documentary showing the Apollo 11 launch, lunar landing and exploration and return to Earth, which included a stay in quarantine.

NASA Moon Landing Simulation test

apollo 11 crew xThis is how NASA faked the Apollo moon landings.

This rare NASA footage shows how they faked the Apollo moon landing footage. It becomes very clear when you watch the similation video. The simulation part starts at 0:55, note the floor under the Lunar Module simulator, it is a mirror. This was done so they could project any "lunar" surface under the simulator. All the descent and ascent footage is filmed this way. Special thanks to NASA for releasing this footage.

Live TV broadcast Apollo 11

apollo 11 crew xFilmed in the Netherlands with 8mm camera.

Live Apollo 11 broadcast filmed from TV in the Netherlands with 8mm film camera. Your grandparents may tell you that they saw the Apollo 11 moon landing on TV and that is why they think it was real. Here is what they really saw (or better didn't see). Very ghosty images and hardly any details are seen. They totally took the mickey out of your grandparents.