Apollo 14 mysterious light

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3 February 1971, Crew sees strange flashes of light.

HOUSTON, 3 Feb. (DPA) - At the Houston flight control center, scholars try to find an explanation for short, bright flashes of light that the Apollo 14 crew has observed. Flight leader Milton Windler said that so far no one understands the phenomenon. It is considered possible that it is a cosmic radiation that is unknown. The flashes only last in fractions of seconds, but are so bright that the lunar travelers perceive them in their dark cabin even with their eyes closed. One of the crew members of the Apollo 12, was the first space traveler to discover the phenomenon.

Apollo 14 hatch problems

apollo 10

1 February 1971, Edgar Mitchell: Everything seems OK, but......

New York Times HOUSTON. Monday - Some of the conversations between flight control center in Houston and the crew of the Apollo 14 during some attempts of the Apollo 14 to link the command module 'Kitty Hawk' to the lunar lander 'Antares'.

Apollo 14 delayed

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1 July 1970, Apollo 14 delayed.

The flight of Apollo 14 to the moon, which was initially scheduled for December 3, has been postponed. Apollo 14 will not be launched before January 31, 1971. The delay has become necessary due to the explosion in an oxygen tank of the Apollo 13. Due to the shift of the flight of the Apollo 14, the further Apollo program s also changed. The costs of the delay are estimated at more than 50 million guilders.