Apollo 15 problems

apollo 1028 July 1971, Apollo 15 short circuit.

HOUSTON, July 28. (AFP / Rtr / AP). - A special test with the main engine of the Apollo 15 showed yesterday that the malfunction, which occurred Monday, has no further consequences. The astronauts have received permission for the moon landing after a small course correction was made.

Apollo 15 countdown

apollo 1021 July 1971, Countdown started at Cape Kennedy.

Yesterday morning at Cape Kennedy, the countdown for the launch of the Apollo 15 flight to the moon started. The astronauts Scott, Irwin, will be shot into space on Monday afternoon. President Nixon has declared July the 20th, National Moonwalk Day, commemorating the fact that two years ago the Apollo 11 astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin set foot on the moon.

Apollo 15 cancelled

apollo 106 July 1970, Flight of Apollo 15 possibly canceled.

From a special correspondent. WASHINGTON, Friday. The American Space Agency (NASA) is considering the cancellation of the Apollo 15 flight to the moon. They consider to use the moon rocket and the spacecraft, to furnish a space station. The decision to cancel Apollo 15 is not confirmed at this moment, but it is very likely that the flight will be abandoned by the end of this summer, shortly before the 1972 budget decision.