Apollo 16 Space wrack continues Lunar orbit

apollo 1025 April 1972, At the last moment, a breakdown with Orion Apollo 16.

HOUSTON. The Apollo 16 is on its way back to earth. The spacecraft has left Lunar orbit. This happened at 10:14 pm (Dutch Time) last night when the main engine was fired. The Apollo with the astronauts Young, Duke and Mattingly is now heading to Earth and if everything goes according to plan it will land in the Pacific Ocean on Thursday. The ignition of the main engine happened when the Command Module Casper was behind the moon and therefore there was no connection with Houston. Flight control in Houston had to wait for ten minutes, breathlessly, for confirmation that the maneuver had been successful and that the spacecraft had escaped from the moon's gravity, upon which the 65 1/2-hour journey home begun.

Apollo 16 explosion

apollo 108 May 1972, Some 38 people brought to the hospital.

San Diego, May 8. Even after the trip to the moon, the Apollo 16 continues to be haunted by bad luck. Yesterday there was an explosion aboard the spaceship, that has since moved to California.  Some people have been injured and some have been poisoned. A total of 38 people were brought to a hospital for observation. 

Apollo 16 fuel tank replaced

apollo 104 February 1972, Fuel tank Apollo 16 replaced.

CAPE KENNEDY. Friday The damaged fuel tank of the Apollo 16 has been replaced and the spaceship with the Saturn 5 rocket will be brought back to the launch site on Tuesday. (UPI).

Apollo 16, Orion and Casper

apollo 1018 March 1972, Lunar Lander is called Orion, the Command Module Casper.

HOUSTON - The astronauts of the Apollo 16 have reveled the names for the Lunar Module and Command Module. The landing part is called "Orion" after the clear constellation in the night sky that can be seen through them during the entire voyage. They call the Command Module "Casper", after a friendly ghost appears in a cartoons. The astronauts of the Apollo 16 are commander John Young, Thomas Mattingly and Charles Duke, they will depart on April the 16, for a landing on the highlands on the moon, called "Descartes".

Apollo 16 problems

apollo 1026 January 1972,  Bad luck with Apollo 16.

CAPE KENNEDY - yesterday a leak was discovered in a fuel tank in the crew cabin of the Apollo 16. The American Air and Space Agency, NASA, has announced that the rocket must be moved from the launch pad in order to place a new tank in the cabin. In the coming days it will be decided whether the trip to the moon with the Apollo 16 will be postponed for the second time.  Well informed sources tell us that a delay is likely. The Apollo 16 was scheduled for launch on the 16th of April. Initially, the launch date was set for 17 March, but technical difficulties forced it to postpone.