Leak in first stage no problem for Apollo 8

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12th December 1968, Leak discovered in Apollo 8 rocket.

A leak has been discovered in the first-stage of the rocket that will lift the "Apollo-8" into space on December 21st. The US Aerospace Agency (NASA) has indicated that this will not have any affect on the launch of the "Apollo-8", which will make a trip around the moon with three astronauts on board. Extensive tests were conducted last night to determine the magnitude of the difficulties. Today it would be decided what should be done.

Leak in first stage fixed

apollo8 news articles

13th December 1968, Leak fixed in Apollo 8 rocket.

Technicians at Cape Kennedy have fixed the leaking fuel pump in the first stage of the Saturn V rocket. If the failure had been more serious it could have delayed the mission. On the 21st of December the "Apollo 8" will fly three Americans around the moon as scheduled.

Apollo 8, radiation in space no problem

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21st December 1968, Hazardous radiation is quickly detected.

Houston, the Apollo-8 crew Borman, Lovell, and Anders will make several scientific observations of the Earth while continuously monitoring activity on the Sun. If eruptions occur on the sun that could put the three astronauts at risk of exposure to hazardous radiation a warning will be sent to Apollo-8. Designed to track this activity, the three astronauts have several film patches in their suits.

Polish scientists criticize Apollo 8 flight

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21st December 1968, Polish scholars warn that Apollo 8 astronauts are at risk.

WARSAW - Two Polish scholars have stated that, in their opinion, the Apollo 8 flight has no scientific purpose, also that the flight around the moon is too early and therefore the three astronauts are at risk. The criticism comes from Prof. Piotrowski, head of the space research committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Prof. Paczkowski, the chairman of the space commission.

Sir Bernard Lovell criticizes Apollo 8

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21st December 1968, Apollo 8 journey is utterly absurd - Sir Bernard Lovell.

Sir Bernard Lovell, Apollo 8 journey is utterly absurd. LONDON, Nov. (AFP) - The director of the British radio observatory in Jodrell Bank, Sir Bernard Lovell, sharply condemned the planned journey to the moon by three spacemen aboard Apollo 8 and called it "utterly absurd".