1965, Gemini 4

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First American Spacewalk by Edward White.

Launched in June 1965, Gemini IV was the second manned space flight in NASA's Project Gemini. It was the tenth manned American spaceflight exceeding 100 kilometers in altitude. Astronauts James McDivitt and Ed White circled the Earth 66 times in four days. The highlight of the mission was the first space walk by an American; Edward White was outside Gemini IV for approximately 20 minutes. The flight also included the first attempt to make a space rendezvous, as McDivitt attempted to maneuver his craft close to the Titan II upper stage which launched it into orbit. However this was not successful. The flight was the first American flight to perform many scientific experiments in space, including the use of a sextant to investigate the use of celestial navigation for lunar flight in the Apollo program.

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Credit to NASA for the film footage.