Two Yeti species

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28th October 1955, The Mistny and the Chutey.

Sherpa Tensing himself has only seen the traces of the Yeti, the abominable snowman. As a boy he saw animal droppings which were attributed to the Yeti, and later observed yeti footprints in the snow. His father was happier in this regard. He saw a yeti twice in his life. 

Tsjutsjuna not a Yeti

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14th September 1979, The Tsjutsjuna.

THE plaster cast of a footprint seen in a photo printed in The Free People from September 10th is not of a yeti ("abominable snowman"), but of a "Tsjutsuna". By that name the people of northern Siberia refer to creatures that are larger, stronger and more hairy than a yeti. These Tsjutsunas are no ordinary living creatures, just like the yetis.

Martin Bormann still alive?

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21st March 1964, Hitler's right hand man is alive.

"There is no Richard Bormann in our family," said Albert Bormann, brother of former Nazi leader Martin Bormann, in an interview with the magazine "Bildzeitung" in Bonn. Albert Bormann said he has no brother named Ridhard. He said this in response to statements made by a certain Richard Bormann in Brazil who called himself a brother of Martin Bormann.

Hitler's right hand man 

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14th May 1965, Bormann seen in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY, May 14 (DPA) - The West German embassy in Mexico considers it possible that Martin Bormann, formerly Hitler's right-hand man, is currently hiding in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It was announced on Thursday that the embassy has sent a representative to this mountainous and partially inaccessible province, located about 300 miles south of Mexico City. 

Hitler's right hand man is not dead

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26th October 1950, Bormann is alive.

The former member of the Chilean House of Representatives Hessiein stated during an interview that Hitler's right hand man Martin Bormann arrived in Patagonia in 1945 with a German submarine. Since then Bormann has been roaming Southern Argentina and Chile. This information remains entirely unconfirmed. Paul Hessiein stated that he personally saw Bormann in February 1945 near Llifen, on the shore of Lake Ranco in Chile. Bormann was then accompanied by two Germans. According to Hessiein, Bormann's identity is certain, as Hessiein and Bormann recognized each other.