Werewolf Netherlands

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13 February 1787, Weerwolf Zutphen.

After the great introduction above, for several nights there are rumors about a so-called Werewolf, the sentries have fired shots at it, others have fled, others were frozen by fear, it is thought that it was the same werewolf, who was living in Utrecht for some years and was known for performed such actions.

Yeti kidnapped girl

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22 March 1954, Yeti Nepal.

A striking story from Sherpas is the story of the kidnapping of a six-year-old girl from the village of Tarka (Nepal) by a Yeti. The child had learned the Yeti language and stayed in the mountains for five years. The Yeti had been very jealous and had defended the child against his peers. 

Yeti kills Jaks

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20 July 1974, Yeti attacks woman.

Yeti killed yaks (AP) - According to the Nepalese news agency, a 19-year-old girl in the Himalayas fought with a yeti, the “terrible snowman.” The girl was beaten unconscious. The Yeti killed 5 Yaks by wringing there necks.

Prehistoric finding Indonesia

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20 September 1911, Prehistoric Mastodon Elephas Progenies.

We received by telegraph: The skeleton pieces found on the site of the Perning sugar factory in Modjokerto, some time ago, have proved to be the jaw of a Mastodon Elephas Progenies, the research conducted by Mr PA Ouwens, curator at the Department of Agriculture in Buitenzorg concluded this. The fossils have been brought to Buitenzorg for further research.

Prehistoric finding Germany

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24 April 1879, Diameter of 14 meter and 15 meters high.

In the parish of Hemstedt (Holstein), a Hunnenbed (Prehistoric grave) with a diameter of 14 meters and 15 meters high was found by chance. When it was opened the next morning, an intolerable mud smell, which had not even departed in the afternoon, came out of the grave. Two urns were found in the grave, of which only one was in good condition, also a stone shaped human foot, a stone knife of about 50 centimeters in length and a stone battle ax were found.