New land discovered Antarctica

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4 April 1939, 600,000 square kilometers of land.

A photo of the airoplane BOREAS aboard the Schwabenland with which, the explorer and pilot, Captain Ritseher made a trip to the mainland of the South Pole. More than 600,000 square kilometers of land was discovered of which 350,000 were mapped through aerial photographs.

Flying Platform UK

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23 February 1931, Can develop a speed of 320 KM.

LONDON. Feb. 22 - It is reported that British military pilots have just ended their secret test flights with a new type of single-biplane that can cause a complete turnaround in the combat aircrafts. The aircraft is a kind of flying platform and can develop a speed of 320 KM. per hour. Six machine guns are set up on this platform, which can be operated simultaneously by the pilot and aimed at a point. The machine can reach a height of around 8000 meters and can carry four more 20-pound bombs. (Reuter).

rare phenomenon of Germany

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21 July 1785, Remarkable phenomenon.

ALTONA on July 15. between five and six o'clock, we had in our Neighborhood the rare phenomenon of a famous Water-swirl. Near the Bannershof a Cloud descended, in the shape of a pointy bag, turning, down into the Elbe, twisting and turning, carrying a massive mass of water up into the sky. At a little distance, a second Cloud collapsed in the Elbe; swung back and forth ten or twelve times, and produced a pit in the Water, that one was almost able to see the bottom of the River.

Looking back at warfare in time

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March 1941, when England was still an island.

An air balloon invasion planned. Every day German news reports that the luftwaffe is sinking ships, destroying important ports, laying mines at ports, attacking enemy troops, etc. It is therefore clear to everyone that air navigation represents an important part of modern warfare. Germany also recognized that when it started creating the most powerful air fleet in the world. However, in times long gone by, people have already thought of the possibility of waging the war from the air. Numerous plans were designed, in which the imagination played a particularly strong role. Some were temporarily successful, while others ended in failure. In general, the lack of technology made effective aviation impossible.

Meat rain USA

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14 March 1876, It rains meat.

The magazines report that on the 8th at Mount Sterling Kentucky,  strange phenomenon has been observed. From a clear sky fell or rained it large quantities of meat. Pigs and chickens ate it eagerly.