The ghost of Strasbourg

strange (1)5 November 1683, Ghost wakes up whole Strasbourg.

From Strasbourg, a ghost is seen walking around over the new works, the soldiers left their posts, alarming and awakinging the whole town.

People imprisoned for talking about comet

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21 January 1681, France Chambre Ardente.

Paris the 10th of January. The Chambre Ardente has imprisoned some persons, who gained them too much influence by talking about the comet.

The fight of the rivers (Photo)

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29 October 1951, Lieutenant Armstrong Korea war.

The fight of the rivers, fought on the horizon in the Korean hills, and the Commanders follow the battle from an advanced observation post, while Lieutenant Armstrong of the US Air Force is squatting on the left, calling for air support. General Major Cassels, commander of the 1st British Commonwealth Division, gazes through his binoculars to the battle scene.

South pole ice free oases discovered (Video)

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20 October 1949, Warm ice free areas.

Twinkling warm lakes amidst eternal ice. There are regular South Pole expeditions and soon the now almost 60-year old admiral Byrd will leave again. As is known, the South Pole, unlike the North Pole, is a mainland, about the same size as Europe.

Ice free areas Antarctica

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25 March 1947, Ice free oasis discovered.

There is a good reason to discuss the South Pole, since reconnaissance flight near Knox Coast, of the Byrd's expedition, have discovered ice free oasis consisting of large, dark brown hills and reflecting lakes. The hills are conical and about 170 meters high.