Green Rain in Naples Italy

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14 February 1934, Strange rain in Italy.

Yesterday a strange phenomenon was observed in Naples, where during heavy rainfall, of half an hour, the rain turned into a green color, which left its traces on the houses.

Three ape-men threaten workers in Malaysia

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7 January 1954 , Primate also seen in Kelantan and Perak.

Singapore. Workers at the Trolak plantation in South Perak on Malacca are escorted by armed man to get to their work. It is not the Communists for whom they are afraid, but it are the heavily hairy monkey people, who suddenly emerged from the jungle and scare the workers. The director of the museum in Kuala Lumpur, Seiveking, has examined the reports of the natives who have seen the ape-men.

Strange phenomenon in Sognefjord Norway

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20 May 1925, Water becomes white and dead fish floating around.

Bergen, 19 May, in the Sognefjord the lowest and most famous of the Norwegian fjords is a strange phenomenon observed in recent times. The water that normally is clear and dark becomes milky white and cloudy, and dead fish floating on the surface. A scientific investigation into this strange phenomenon will be done by the government.

Strange phenomenon Den Hague Netherlands

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13 October 1966 dead birds fall from the sky.

On Wednesday morning, the strange phenomenon of birds falling from the sky, which were immediately dead, was again seen at Den Hague.

Mermaids on the Dutch Antilles

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23 October 1951, Mermaid Di Awa and Mamparia Cutu.

Do not tell any fisherman that the mermaid belongs to the realm of fables, because that is certainly not true, there is no doubt about their existence. Everyone has heard it from someone else, and all the old fishermen claim that they exist.