New rumors, Hitler and Eva Braun on the South America

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18 July 1945, Hitler and Eva Braun landed by submarine in Argentina.

Chicago, (Reuter). The daily Times, published today a report from their correspondent in Montevideo, which states: "On the basis of information which I have just received from Buenos Aires. I am almost certain that Hitler and his wife Eva Braun (the last dressed in men's clothes) has landed in Argentina and is on a very extensive plantation in Patagonia, which is owned by a German. Hitler and Eva Braun were landed with a German submarine on a deserted beach.

Hitler dead or on honeymoon

strange (1)11 June 1945, Russian officer Zukow tells Hitler on honeymoon in Spain.

Contrary to the reports from a few days ago, in which it was said that the Russians had found a charred corpse, almost certainly that of Hitler, Marshal Zukow stated at an international press conference that until now no body like that of Hitler could be identified. The marshal did not even consider it impossible that Hitler had escaped at the last moment.

Searching for Hitler in Hamburg

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12 September 1945, Hitler and Borman seen in Hamburg after the war.

Based on persistent rumors, according to the News Chronicle, Hitler and Borman were seen in Hamburg, the English police investigated this rumor for the last 6 weeks. Dozens of Germans were questioned in the harbor district without any results. However the policemen got information about a "mysterious luxury yacht", in the port of Gluckstadt, 45 km from Hamburg but they didn't find anything when they arrived their.

Where is Hitler

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12 March 1945, All kind of about where Hitler could be.

The information about the whereabouts of Hitler are confusing. Usually well-informed circles in Stockholm (Sweden) are of the opinion that Hitler had a brain hemorrhage. According an unconfirmed report from Bern, Hitler died on Sunday afternoon in his underground bunker in the Zoo of Berlin in the presents of Goebbels. Other reports, however, report that Hitler has not been seen in Berlin for a long time. The Swedish Aviation Attaché who just came from Berlin had not seen Hitler.

British Navy Antarctica

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6 May 1941, UK navy reports German activity on the south pole.

Members of the American South Pole expedition on board the ship "North Star" stated that the British navy have blown up a Norwegian whaler in the "Deception Bay" to prevent Germans from using it. Also we got reports on German and Japanese operations in the vicinity of Deception Island (Boston).