Hitler, Führer of the south pole

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31 July 1945, Did Hitler hide on Queen Maud Island Antarctica.

The Argentinean magazine "La Critica" published a serious story, which is complete ridiculous. It is assumed that Hitler and Eva Braun escaped on a submarine and landed at "Queen Maud" island near the South Pole. The magazine believes that a second "Berchtesgaden" was built on that island during the German Antarctic expedition of 1938-1939. It also assumes that the submarines, which surrendered were part of a German convoy of submarines that had departed from German ports to Antarctica. Hitler, Führer of the South Pole, whoever offers the idea to a ridiculous story first gets the fame!

The rumors about Hitlers

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14 July 1945, Many believe that Hitler is still alive.

London, 12 June 1945. (Anp-Aneta). there are stubborn rumors that Hitler is still alive, therfore the Manchester Guardian proposes to appoint an international committee to investigate, when Hitler was last seen in public and to search for witnesses. The reports about Hitler's fate are not conclusive and the Allies should not allow any doubt what so ever. Many in Germany and in the prisoner of war camps still believing that Hitler is not dead, and this fuels the Nazi network.