Apollo 10 on the backside of the moon

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Mega blunder by Cernan on the backside of the moon.

Communication between Stafford and Cernan on the back side of the moon. The following Apollo 10 video clip shows Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford in the Lunar Module Snoopy from the back side of the moon. The on-board audio recorder (like a voice black-box in an airplane) captures every piece of dialogue between the astronauts.

Altered image on display. Facts are facts NASA

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The art of altering images, whistleblowers at work.

According to the ALSJ all images on its website labelled "OF300" are scans from the original NASA film. If this is the case then NASA did a terrible job with image AS11-37-5548. When this image is examined at the pixel level it becomes clear that it must have been altered from the original scan.

Photos from Apollo 12 and Apollo 14 are in perfect sequence

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The work of whistleblowers within NASA.

This article will demonstrate that someone has used the same sequence of images of an "Earthrise" event for Apollo 14 and Apollo 12. In December 1969 Apollo 12 brought back Hasselblad images of the Earth gradually appearing over the lunar horizon (images AS12-47-6879 to 6895). In February 1971 Apollo 14 also brought back Hasselblad images of an Earthrise (AS14-66-9224 to 9228).

Apollo 11, the art of altering historical photographs

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History doesn't need altering. A hoax on the other hand does.

We have made an overlay of two versions of the Apollo 11 photo AS11-40-5849. The first photo (gray) is the photo shown today in the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ). The second photo (brown) is the photo that was on display until 2003.

The rainbow of colors of the moon's surface

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Yellowish, brownish or gray as NASA insists.

In this article we will look at the color of the moon. We will use only official NASA images and newspaper reports from the days when Apollo 11 first landed a man on the moon (or so they say). In the end it is up to you what you make of the information, but this investigation into Apollo 11 photo magazine 37 may make you wonder.