Desert tortoise appears in Apollo 11 images

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Is it a tortoise or a rock? You are the judge.

There are many people think that the Apollo mission photos were made on Earth. The following four official Apollo 11 mission images show something that looks like a desert tortoise on the moon. The four images we will show you are from the Apollo 11 mission (AS11-40-5954 to 5957) and are on display at the Lunar Planetary Institute (LPI) website.  In the end you are the judge in a journey towards the truth for all mankind.


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Criticizing the moon race with the Russians. The battle for the moon.

STRANGELY ENOUGH, NASA – ordered by President Eisenhower to forget all about a moon landing, was able to produce fully detailed plans that not only showed that a moon landing was indeed possible, but also that such a landing was the only space project that would offer the opportunity to gain an advantage over the Russians. In these plans, the year 1967 and not 1969 is stated as the year for the landing.

Moon rock drama, 74-year-old lady probed

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Who called the feds?

In May 2011 a federal sting operation resulted in the recovery of a piece of lunar dust smaller than a grain of rice, and left the frightened 74-year-old female suspect claiming she had been manhandled and her property taken away. Joann Davis, a 74-year-old grandmother, says she was trying to sell the moon rock to raise money for her sick son. She asserts that the lunar material was rightfully hers, having been given to her space-engineer husband by Neil Armstrong in the 1970's. She says that she contacted NASA to help her sell the fragment of moon rock, only to find herself confronted by government agents. Have a guess who called the feds.