5000 reasons why the moon landings were a hoax

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Sir Bernard Lovell on the van Allen Belts.

Over the years people around the world have stopped believing in the Apollo moon landings. In this article we will give you 5000 reasons why the radiation in the Van Allen belts are deadly to humans. Information about the inner and outer van Allen radiation belts from the early sixties reveals the truth. The Apollo astronauts are men of steel or better still, men of lead.

Sir Bernards Lovell's book "The Exploration of outer space" was published in 1962 by Oxford University Press. Below is a quote from page 15:

The energies of the protons in the inner zone do not exceed 100 megavolts and the energies of the electrons in the outer zone are less than 100 kilovolts. On the other hand the number of particles is enormous. In the inner zone the flux of protons is about 2 x 10 to the 4/cm squared/second and the flux of the electrons in the outer zone is something like 10 to the 11 electrons/cm squared/second. These numbers have to be compared with the flux of cosmic ray particles from space - about two protons and heavy nuclei/cm squared/second, representing the extent of the radiation to be anticipated in these regions. It is the quantity rather than the energy which gives the radiation zones this special importance and, indeed, danger to living organisms. In terms of common radiation dosage, cosmic rays represent about 0.01 roentgen/hour, compared with the permissible human dosage of 0.3 roentgen/week. In the heart of the outer radiation zone, the dose is about 10 roentgen/hour - 5000 times greater than a human being could stand. The origin of the particles in these radiation zones is not yet finally resolved. The inner zone of protons is stable and constant. This zone seems to contain the same kind of energetic particles and about the same quantity whenever it has been investigated. In contrast with the stability of the inner zone, the outer zone of electrons is extremely unstable and is influenced in some detail by events on the sun. Solar flares and magnetic storms appear to have a controlling influence on this zone of electrons.


NASA wants you to believe that the van Allen radiation belts are not dangerous as long as you pass through them quickly. Apollo astronauts must be men of steel, or should we say lead. What does NASA say today about the Van Allen Belts? The video below was made by NASA in 2014 about the Orion spacecraft. Watch from 2:50. Apparantly there are still "challenges" to be solved before humans can pass safely through the deadly Van Allen Belts radiation belts. This confirms what Sir Bernard Lovell reported back in 1962. In 1968 Lovell called out the Apollo 8 Lunar orbit flight, calling it "utterly absurd" to send Apollo 8 to the moon. It is time you join the whisper in a journey towards the truth for all mankind.

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Credit to NASA for the Video