Altered image on display. Facts are facts NASA

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The art of altering images, whistleblowers at work.

According to the ALSJ all images on its website labelled "OF300" are scans from the original NASA film. If this is the case then NASA did a terrible job with image AS11-37-5548. When this image is examined at the pixel level it becomes clear that it must have been altered from the original scan.


An image is made up of pixels. Every pixel has a certain color and each color is represented by a specific code. For example a pixel with the code 000000 is black and a pixel with the code ffffff is white. An area that appears black to the naked eye may in fact be made up of pixels of many different colors. Lets look at image AS11-37-5548 on display in the ALSJ. If we examine the black areas in the image we can see that there are large sections where every pixel has the same code. In other words the area is solid black with no details present except for a few small specks.

You can repeat the experiment we have done using a simple, standard image program such as paint. You will need to download the high resolution ALSJ image from the link above. In the image shown below the orange parts show areas that all have the same color pixel (credit to NASA and the ALSJ for the images).

AS11 37 5548HR33


What This Means

Why is this proof that the image has been altered? If you go to the Lunar Planatary Institute (LPI) website you will also find the image AS11-37-5548. You can clearly see that the "black" areas in the LPI image show much more detail and are made up of pixels with a number of different color codes (below left is the ALSJ version and right is the LPI version). It is clear that these are the same image as the specks of different color code in the ALSJ image also show up as anomalies in the LPI image. Roll your mouse over the left image to see the small anomalies (in the orange area).

AS11 37 5548HRfinal1


Below is a link to the high resolution image from the LPI website. You will see that all the anomalies seen in the ALSJ version are present in the high resolution LPI image.

Both images are from the same source. The ALSJ version has altered the color and contrast levels. This is normally done for artistic effect.


The question is who photoshopped this image? We doubt that it was NASA as they also provided the LPI with their copy of AS11-37-5548. This leaves the ALSJ as the main suspect behind this altered image. In our opinion the ALSJ is directly contributing to the doubt many people feel about the Apollo moon landing story by displaying this image as an official NASA scan. AwE130 has raised other questions about this image before and, at that time, had direct email contact with the ALSJ chief editor. They have no answers to these questions. This is why AwE130 is called the whisper.