Photos from Apollo 12 and Apollo 14 are in perfect sequence

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The work of whistleblowers within NASA.

This article will demonstrate that someone has used the same sequence of images of an "Earthrise" event for Apollo 14 and Apollo 12. In December 1969 Apollo 12 brought back Hasselblad images of the Earth gradually appearing over the lunar horizon (images AS12-47-6879 to 6895). In February 1971 Apollo 14 also brought back Hasselblad images of an Earthrise (AS14-66-9224 to 9228).

These images from Apollo 14 and Apollo 12 are from one and the same film sequence, as we will show you. We have put the five Apollo 14 images in front of the seventeen Apollo 12 images. If you look closely at the craters, particularly the largest crater in the middle, you can see that these images, supposedly from two different missions, are part of the same sequence. The images below are from Apollo 14 magazine 66 and Apollo 12 magazine 47.

Look closely at the large crater in the middle of both the Apollo 14 and Apollo 12 images. Every shadow is identical (roll over image to see matching points highlighted). This would be impossible if these images were made during two different missions and with 2 different cameras. They were clearly made during the same photo session. The image on the left is from Apollo 12 the image on the right is from Apollo 14. AwE130 has not altered the official NASA images other than to zoom in on the craters. (Credit to NASA for the images).

apollo 12 14 crater

We think it is possible that these shots were made during project LOLA. The images were made in a studio and then used for both Apollo 12 and Apollo 14. The Earth could have been added to make the images more compelling. The Daily Mail in the UK wrote an excellent article about the LOLA project. Was the journalist who wrote it aware of the "Earthrise" images from Apollos 12 and 14. Probably not, or he would had been more careful with his conclusion. Here is a  link is to the Daily Mail article about project LOLA.

Apollo 14 and Apollo 12 Earthrise images were taken in sequence, even the shadows are the same. Any comments NASA?

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