Were the laser reflectors on the moon placed by robots

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Very unlikely that the Apollo astronauts placed the reflectors on the moon.

During the Apollo missions 11, 14 and 15 reflectors were placed on the moon by the Apollo astronauts. These laser reflectors are absolute proof that the Apollo moon landings took place, that is according to NASA and its enthusiasts, who want to convince you that Apollo did land a man on the moon. Despite the fact that the Russians landed two robots, Lunokhod 1 and Lunokhod 2, who both carried laser reflectors, NASA insists that the Apollo laser reflectors are irrefutable proof that Apollo landed a man on the moon.

NASA mission

NASA's own documentation mentions that the  Apollo 11 reflector did not work "immediately" after it was placed on the moon. According to NASA the Apollo reflectors were placed by the astronauts in a fixed position on the 21st of July 1969. The first Apollo 11 bounce was received 11 days later by the Lick Observatory's 120-inch (304-cm) telescope. This was on the 1st of August 1969 between 10:15 and 12:50 Universal Time. It is know that the Russians were able to adjust their reflectors placed by Lunokhod 1 and Lunokhod 2. Were the NASA reflectors also placed by robots and did NASA have to do some fine tuning before they were able to get results. This may sound like a crazy idea but did you know that the Apollo reflectors were placed within one degree of the perfect ranging angle and aligned in a perfect triangle on the moon


Within one degree of the perfect angle

The Apollo reflectors were placed and adjusted by the astronauts within a time period of a few minutes. If that is the case than they did a hell of a job. How do you position 3 different reflectors, just by hand, within one degree of the perfect angle? This is what Tom Murphy from the "Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser-ranging Operation" (APOLLO) project tells us. Is it not more likely that this was done by remote controlled robots. How were the Apollo astronauts able, in an unknown environment and wearing bulky suits, to position the reflectors so precisely?

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Source video: click here.

Perfect Triangle

How did NASA position the three Apollo reflectors in a perfect triangle, as is also stated by Tom Murphy. Notice how he corrects himself during his presentation: "somewhat triangular pattern... not somewhat, it is a perfect triangular pattern". What are the chances that they were positioned in a perfect triangle all within one degree of the perfect ranging angle? Would that not have been much more easily accomplished with robots like the Russians did?

How did the Apollo astronauts place the reflectors on the moon. On the NASA website Apollo 15 documentation tells us: "A typical timeline from A-15 shows ~6 minutes for deploying the experiment". Also we are told that the reflector would be placed on a "Generally flat and level area". Click here (page 45) for NASA documentation. (LRRR= Lunar Laser Ranging RetroReflector)

"Site selection: Generally flat and level area, 300 to 500 feet due W of the LM. Greater than 500 feet was requested to minimize the dust from LM ascent.

Deploying experiment: Carried by hand (along with the PSEP on A-11) to the deployment site. The leveling leg, deployed by the astronaut by pulling a pin, provided the proper elevation angle for each site. It was tilted and then rested on the surface using the UHT. It was pointed towards the Earth. The bubble used to level the device on A-11 showed it to be within 0.5 degree of level, with the bubble oriented to the SW. A sun-compass allowed azimuthal alignment of the array with respect to the sun. After these steps, the dust cover was removed. There was no trouble deploying the A-14 or 15 LRRR, either. The operations sequence on A-15 was slightly different, but essentially the same tasks were performed. A typical timeline from A-15 shows ~6 minutes for deploying the experiment. UHT = Universal Handling Tool

It seems very unlikely that you would be able to place three reflectors in a near perfect ranging triangle in a time span of ~6 minutes. It seems more than likely that the reflectors were placed by robots that could be remotely controlled from Earth. First brought to their position on the moon and then the reflectors were fine tuned to the almost perfect ranging angle. If the reflectors were placed by the astronauts we would like to see the procedures from NASA describing exactly how the astronauts accomplished this almost perfect ranging angle in 6 minutes using only a spirit level and a sun-compass.

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Here is a 1969 training video that will put the whole NASA story to rest. It shows how the astronauts would place the lunar laser reflectors on the moon. There is no way that they would have been able to place these reflectors with the precision advertised by NASA. In the end you are the judge, in a journey towards the truth for all mankind.

The NASA video came without sound we have added the audio under it. We have however not altered or changed the video in anyway.