Apollo 11, the art of altering historical photographs

moon hoax 1

History doesn't need altering. A hoax on the other hand does.

We have made an overlay of two versions of the Apollo 11 photo AS11-40-5849. The first photo (gray) is the photo shown today in the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ). The second photo (brown) is the photo that was on display until 2003.

Both photos are provided by NASA. Did the ALSJ take artistic freedom to alter the photo or did NASA provide them with "new" images. We are told by the ALSJ that they used scans of the original photos for the images they show today. If this is the case then what are the images that were on display before 2003?

Why did NASA/ALSJ change the colors and crop off the bottom part? We have found hundreds of images that show the same alterations. What is going on? Why are the photos changed and by who? Something is wrong with the ALSJ, the leading Apollo photo archive on the NASA website. It is time you join the whisper! AwE130 has not altered the photos in any way other than to resize the images to make them the same.


What about the color NASA?

Look at this close-up of the bottom right corner to see how NASA/ALSJ has altered historical images. Why was this done? Maybe they just didn't like the historically correct image and changed it to make it look nicer. If this is the case then one may ask what other changes have been made by NASA/ALSJ to the Apollo moon landing images without any mention or explanation. What about the color of the moon NASA.

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