Interview with Albino Galuppini

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The writer of the Bill Kaysing biography.

In 2015 AwE130 interviewed Albino Galuppini, writer of the biography of Bill Kaysing. The book, originally writen in Italian, records the life and adventures of Bill Kaysing and is titled "La Penna Diu Veloce Del West", which translates as "The Fastest Pen Of The West". The life of Bill Kaysing marked the beginning of a journey that has never ended. A life full of action, adventure and of course the fake Apollo moon landings.

August 2015, an AwE130 interview with Albino Galuppini, writer of the Bill Kaysing biography: "The Fastest Pen Of The West".


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On page 130 of the Italian version of the book the author describes how the lawyer of Bill Kaysing resigned over fear for his life. The reason for this had to do with the lawsuit Bill Kaysing had started against Universal Films and director Peter Hyams over the film “Capricorn One”. Here is a translation of this section of the biography:



From "The fastest pen of the West – biography of Bill Kaysing" by Albino Galuppini.

In 1977, Ruth and Bill bought a caravan in Las Vegas for the sole purpose of being a mobile office for developing a screenplay inspired by the book We Never Went To The Moon. For this purpose, the Eden Press, which had published the first edition of the text, hired screenwriter Ken Rotcop, entrusting him with the task. They all worked hard, assisted by Bill Butters, who felt certain of being able to be funded in the project by Sir Lew Grade, a famous Ukrainian born, London based film producer. There was no doubt, however, that their initiative was closely watched by unknown entities. Randy Reid, co-author of the first edition and printer of the book, said that their correspondence was monitored. Such ectoplasmic forces did not wait long to materialize, implementing clever countermoves.Lew Grade did not give his support to financing the film. In that precise period, producer Paul Lazarus, with director Peter Hyams, produced a movie whose plot traced, in a stunning way their screenplay. With the only expedient that the simulation of space travel took place on Mars instead of on the Moon. Hyams film was titled “Capricorn One” and counts among its protagonists famous actors including OJ Simpson, Elliott Gould, James Brolin and Brenda Vaccaro. The movie premiered in 1978, achieving some success, and then disappeared from circulation. However it had obtained its purpose: to “beat to the punch” their idea and film project. The writer then filed a lawsuit against Universal Films and director Peter Hyams, unsuccessfully, at a court in Beverly Hills for copyright infringement. According to the thesis proposed by his lawyer, the script was largely borrowed from the book on the lunar plot and identified 16 elements in the film that violated copyright. A private investigator, hired by the legal office in support of the suit made a shocking discovery. In Washington, someone in connection with the script had falsified the date of filing for copyright in the office in charge. The lawyer, impressed by the fact, gave the mandate saying: “Bill, I have a wife and two boys, I do not want to clash with people so powerful as to be able to alter the filing date at a patent office. ”Bill realized in that moment that for many common people, including his attorney, their physical integrity and that of their families are the absolute priority. But he did not fall into despair: “That which endures, is victorious”.