Kenitra & Sidi Yahya in Morocco

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Apollo and the mysterious third radio signal.

During a Coast to Coast AM broadcast with Art Bell a listener calls in with this story about an Apollo moon landing linked project at Kenitra and Sidi Yahya in Morocco. During the Apollo 11 mission strange radio signals were heard that did not come from ground control or from Apollo 11. The only logical explanation is that there must have been a third party involved. In Morocco there were two secret bases that could have been the source of this mysterious third radio signal. Listen to the audio recording.

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Map of Kenitra and Sidi Yahya in Morocco, North of Rabat.

إذا كان لدى أي شخص مزيد من المعلومات حول هذه القصة ، فنحن نطلب منك الاتصال بنا

iidha kan ladaa 'ayi shakhs mazid min almaelumat hawl hadhih alqisat, fnhn natlub mink alaitisal bina. 130(at)


Sidi Yahya Kenitra compressed