Is there life on the moon?

moon hoax 1

The Russians suspect there is life on the moon.

In 1959 professor Tikhof says that the Luna 3 will be looking for life on the moon, especially round the Plato crater. If you listen to NASA, then our moon is just a dead rock floating in space. However in 2009 NASA had to admit that water had been discovered just beneath the surface of the moon, and where there is water there could be life.

AS11 37 5433

"Yesterday Professor Tikhov told that the Russian rocket has the "necessary instruments" on board to check if there is life on the moon. There is reason to believe that there are low life forms near the Plato crater, and maybe there are also areas at the backside of the moon where life is possible. The Russians will build an interplanetary laboratory, which will fly to Mars to see if there is life there, Professor Tikhov added." [*1]

People today have been made to believe that the moon is grey. This is mainly due to the images produced by the Apollo missions. Did you know that the moon is not grey at all, it has all kind of colors, from light brown to purple and even green shades. The image you see to the left is an official Apollo mission photo, AS11-37-5433. Note the brownish shades. Today the same image on the NASA website is gray, click here.

(Note that the Apollo images from lunar orbit were made by unmanned probes. NASA relabelled them as Apollo images.)

Real images from the moon show a variety of colors, we will show you a few of these colorful images. China's Jade Rabbit landed on the moon in December 2013. Look at the first pictures it sent back to Earth. All the colors are there: green, purple and reddish brown. In 1966 the NASA Surveyor 1 made the first color pictures of the moon. The same colors can be seen: green, purple and reddish brown. The first color image from the moon (Surveyor 1, 1966) and the latest color images from the moon (Jade Rabbit, 2013) both show the same colors. The images were made by two different space agencies, 47 years apart. This is a strong indication that the Apollo moon landing images are fake.

First image: Jade Rabbit, second image: Surveyor 1. Credit to the Chinese Space Agency and NASA for the images.