Apollo 10, the near crash on the moon

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The story keeps changing, it's becoming embarrassing.

In 1969 Apollo 10 carried out a lunar landing test and something went wrong. Today there are several different versions of what exactly happened. In 2009 the Discovery Channel broadcast a series called "Rocket Science". In episode 11 Apollo 10 astronaut Cernan talks about this incident and describes how he saw the lunar horizon come by "about 8 times in some 15 seconds". However, back in the sixties the story was told very differently.

AwE130 has an old 8mm film reel showing the event. According to this film the ascent module made a 180 degree flip and back in 8 seconds. Cernan could never have seen the horizon pass by his window 8 times. If you watch the Discovery Channel story you will notice that they used an animation to depict the event. The way it is shown here, together with the testimony of astronaut Cernan, is not what is shown in the old film reel. NASA changed the story into a more realistic scenario of 8 tumbles in 15 seconds. The video below shows the Discovery Channel animation version vs the AwE130 footage from the sixties.

Credit to Discovery and to NASA for the footage.

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British historian Godwin (seen in the video above) and Apollo 10 astronaut Cernan have clearly never seen the NASA footage that we have, otherwise they would had not agreed to the Discovery's choice of animation. Nothing that is shown on the Discovery Channel is supported by the actual footage we have. According to this footage the flip was due to an unexpected system malfunction that was later found and corrected for the Apollo 11 mission. Cernan tells on the Discovery Channel that Stafford had reset the controls. That is not the same as a system malfunction. Furthermore, according to the sixties film the astronauts were never in any kind of danger. However the Discover Channel states that they came within two seconds of crashing into the lunar surface.

We have also found a third version of this story that is different again from the other two versions. On the website "honey suckle creek", one of the Apollo tracking stations, they quote Cernan as saying that he saw the lunar horizon come by "five times from different directions in about 8 seconds". Again this doesn't match with the film footage AwE130 has from the sixties.

Cernan: “I saw the lunar horizon coming through my window about five times from different directions in about 8 seconds. We were able to throw the right switches to get it under control it was hard but we did it. We weren’t being banged around the cockpit, we were cinched down in our straps in a standing position.”

Cernan: “Son of a bitch! I don’t know what the hell that was, baby. The thing just took off on us. I tell you, there was a moment there.... I thought we were wobbling all over the sky.”

Cernan: “Those words came involuntarily I didn’t even know I had said them until I got home and somebody played the tape for me. It was just a natural emotion those words didn’t come out until after we got things under control. You know, you’re a long way from home at 50,000 feet above the lunar surface and all of a sudden you’re spinning around in three different directions, 8 seconds can be a long time.”

Now we have three versions of the same event and both of the versions given by Cernan are far from the truth according to the actual footage of the event. The problem is that it is impossible to make a 180 degree flip and back in 8 seconds, in the way our footage shows. If there is anyone out there who thinks it is possible please provide us with the calculations of how the thrusters could have made this correction, and don't forget that the astronauts did it manually. Did NASA change the story to make it more realistic, thinking that there was no footage of this event? We cannot think for you but when people start to make up history you should start to ask questions. As always you are the judge in a journey towards the truth for all mankind.

1969 Apollo 10 near crash

Translation of a Dutch news article from the time:

After the elliptical revolution was almost finished and the landing area was approached again, the landing gear and the landing engine had to be suppurated. In that maneuver, the craft got into a twirling movement, which Stafford could only get under control after some trouble.

Cernan shouted after this unexpected twist. "Son of a bitch! I don’t know what the hell that was, baby. The thing just took off on us. I tell you, there was a moment there.... I thought we were wobbling all over the sky." According to the control center, the startle response of the craft was due to the incorrect programming of two systems that had to take care of the suppuration.