Dr Woolley and Dr Gold of the Royal Observatory
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3rd January 1956, Space travel, gentlemen? Don't make me laugh!

LONDON, Jan 2nd - This was the comment with which Dr Richard Wolley, who arrived from warm Australia in a foggy England, got off the plane today. The 49-year-old scholar has come to take up the position of Astronomer Royal, succeeding Sir Spencer Jones, who gave up stargazing last week.

Interplanetary travel plans "follies"
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12th November 1957, Dr. Richard van der Reit Woolley.

The British astronomer Dr. Richard van der Reit Woolley has left for the Soviet Union, where he will give lectures on the work of British astronomers. He considers plans for interplanetary travel to be "follies".

Baron Magnus von Braun dead
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30th August 1972, Father of Wernher von Braun.

OBERAUDORF - Former German Minister of State Baron Magnus von Braun, father of American rocket researcher Wernher von Braun, died in his Bavarian hometown of Oberaudorf at the age of 94. Magnus von Braun was the first Chief of Government of the German Empire and Reich Minister of Food and Agriculture in the Weimar Republic under Prime Ministers Von Papen and Schleicher.

Baroness Emmy von Braun dead
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29th December 1959, Mother of Wernher von Braun.

The mother of American German missile expert Wernher von Braun, Mrs. Baroness Emmy von Braun, died early this morning after an operation in Munich. Wernher von Braun heard the news during a hunting party in Jonesboro in the US state of Arkansas. The party was immediately canceled. It is not yet known whether von Braun will go to Germany to attend his mother's funeral.

Wernher von Braun dead
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18th June 1977, Wernher von Braun dies aged 65.

WASHINGTON - Wemher von Braun (65), the German-born "father" of the first American space rockets, has died in a hospital in Alexandria, Virginia. His death was announced yesterday by the US space agency NASA. Von Braun worked for NASA until 1972, after which he held a senior position at the Fairchild Industries aircraft factory.