Kosygin get moon rock from Armstrong 

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3 June 1970, moon rock for Russia.

MOSCOW (APP-AP) - American astronaut Neil Armstrong offered the Russian party leader Kosygin a piece of moon rock, during his visit to Moscow. Kosygin considered the gift to be a "symbol" of a grand achievement and asked Neil to bring his best regards back to President Nixon. The astronaut will return to the United States tomorrow.

New Star Germany

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27 February 1670, New Star Regenburgh.

A new star is seen here from 6 to 9 o'clock in the evening, of an extraordinarily large size, ejecting terrible rays.


Strange Star Denmark

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14 April 1672, New Star Copenhagen.

Copenhagen on April 5. On the nights of the 22, 23, 24, 26 and 27, a strange Comet Sterre appeared on the Firmament, many interpretations have been made here.


Strange Star Greece

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1 June 1684, Strange Star Corfu.

There is news of Tine in the archipelago, that a new star had been seen there on the firmament, which had first appeared in late February. This star had three red rays at the top, which formed a royal crown.

Comet England

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23 February 1673, Comet Portsmouth.

a Comet star was seen in Portsmouth, coming from the South-East, and going east, being as big as a man's head, this comet star will undoubtedly give some matter of speculation under the followers.