Air phenomenon seen in Belgium

krant 13 January 1932, Three times the size of the moon.

A heavenly body that seemed three times as big as the moon. At Givry, near Chalon-sur-Saone, a celestial body was observed on Sunday evening that crossed the sky from east to west and left a ray of light behind. The diameter of this air phenomenon seemed three times as large as that of the moon. Silently and quickly it disappeared behind the mountains. Several people got up and the roosters started crowing, as they thought that the first daylight was already starting to shine.

What was seen in Belgium

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30 November 1862, Strange light seen in Belgium.

Thursday evening, around 6 o'clock, there was an air phenomenon between Roosebeke and Staden. Two customs officers claim to have seen a fireball, coming from the south-west, leaving a trail of 300 feet behind it, the fire was covering all the colors of the prism (rainbow) and giving one such clarity that the moon did not have an effect on it. It went into the direction of Stadenberg. We haven't heard anything more about it. 

Multiple suns seen in Russia

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9 April 1785, remarkable phenomenon.

PETERSBURG March 22. On Sunday, the new Royal French Minister, Count de Seger, had his first audience with Her Imperial Majesty, and is Imperial Noblemen. The Supreme Commander in Moscow, Count of Bruce, has reported that on March 2 in clear weather, and with a temperature of 21 Degrees below zero, according to the Thermometer of Reaumur in Moscow, the next remarkable phenomenon has been seen in Heaven.

Gagarin saw stars during flight

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Major Gagarin reported, despite weightlessness he could do his work, the Earth was bright, sky was pitch-black with stars, Today is the welcome parade in Moscow. 

The moon is brown

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8 October 1950, British astronomer Sir H. Spencer Jones.

Our closest neighbor in the universe is the moon. Yet the most modern rocket aircraft would take five days to reach our satellite. But despite the more than 350,000 km that separate us from her, modern astrology already knows a lot about the moon. For example, people know that its color is brown. How did they find out?