Comet Turin Italy

krant 1

28 January 1681, Bad signs in the sky.

Turin 1 January. On Christmas Eve one has seen a horrible comet here, from which some great mischief is predicted, especially after his royal highness has departed with his bride, from here to Lisbon.

Comet Amsterdam Netherlands

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1 April 1681, Bad signs in the sky.

Yesterday evening at the clock of 10 to 12, for the third time in a row a terrible sign was seen in the sky, coming from the south moving to the north, it was so long that the beginning nor the end could be seen, a broad stripe of red, black, white and blue colors, which showed itself to the horror of everyone, even more threatening than the comet which has shown itself before.

Comet Olmütz Czechia

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18 February 1670, Fear about the Comet.

Olmütz (Czechia) 26 January, last week in the evening between 7 and 8 o'clock, a comet was seen in the direction of Poland, the comet was feared, what does it all mean? 

The moon is not uniform in color Russia

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20 May 1959, Prof. Nikolai Barabasjow about the color of the moon.

MOSCOW (Rtr) - The moon is not uniform in color, as some scholars believe, but there are red, brown, yellow, green, blue and other shades, according Prof. Nikolai Barabasjow, director of the astronomical observatory of Charkof. The Russian professor also rejects the theory that the moon surface would be covered with volcanic ash and cosmic dust. According to him, on the lunar surface, there is a layer of grit and rock some centimeters thick.

Plans for rocket flight by Czech engineer

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9 January 1930, Ludwig Ocenasek prepares for serious space flight.

Prague, January 5 - For already two years the electrical engineer Ludwig Orenasek has been working on a rocket, with which he wants to undertake a flight into space. Similar to the German scholar Oberth, who, like himself, is a member of the German club "Rakette" and he keeps an eye of everything that is going on abroad in this area.