Plans for rocket flight by Czech engineer

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9 January 1930, Ludwig Ocenasek prepares for serious space flight.

Prague, January 5 - For already two years the electrical engineer Ludwig Orenasek has been working on a rocket, with which he wants to undertake a flight into space. Similar to the German scholar Oberth, who, like himself, is a member of the German club "Rakette" and he keeps an eye of everything that is going on abroad in this area.

Moon was surrounded by black circle Sweden

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27 January 1803, Strange moon seen.

STOCKHOLM the 4th of January. For some time in the Village Nya Kopparbarget, in the Province of Dalecarlien, a very rare natural phenomenon has been seen. At two o'clock, in the morning, the full Moon was surrounded by an outer black circle, which again was enclosed by another blood-red circle.

Strange Sun in 1779

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31 July 1779, The sun was dimmed.

Nuremberg the 14th of July, Last Sunday, the Second, a strange air phenomenon has been observed. According to an observation of an astronomer of this City, the Sun was seen in a cloudless sky, its appearance was like seen during an solar eclipse, when a large part of the solar disc is already covered by the Moon.

Multiple moons Poland 1756

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24 January 1756, Strange sky phenomena Poland.

Posen* 24 December. In the night between 10 and 11 of this month, one has seen a very rare air phenomenon. The Moon, which was in its first Quarter, and had its normal pale color, was intersected by a bright streak, and shortly thereafter two other Moons appeared at the sides, as well as two others under each two. The Moons, all of which had a dark blood color, this phenomenon stood for about half an hour in the sky, and then disappeared at once.

The surface of the moon is mainly brown

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24 May 1965, Russian scholars, describe moon.

Russian scholars assume that the surface of the moon is mainly brown and consists of rock, according to the Russian news agency Tass. Tass also said that, in the opinion of scholars, the luminous rays coming from a number of craters are the result of powerful, probably volcanic explosions.