The moon is not yellow

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19 May 1959, Prof. Nikolai Barabasjow about the color of the moon.

The moon is not uniformly yellow in color, as some scholars believe, but there are red, brown, yellow, green, blue and other shades, Prof. Nikolai Barabasjow, director of the astronomical observatory of Kharkov, has stated. The professor also rejects the theory that the moon surface would be covered with volcanic ash and cosmic dust. According to him, on the lunar surface, there is a layer of grit of rock that is only a few centimeters thick.

The color of the moon

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18 July 1918, Professor Dr Richarz about the color of the moon.

We find some interesting information about the color of the moon in Kosmos as a result of the research of Professor Dr Richarz. Of course, everyone has noticed that the moon has a different color by day and night. By day it appears white, at night it is yellow. Richarz's who researches what cause the blue color of the sky by day already showed some years ago that the air polluted by all kinds of airborne particles, as so-called "cloudy medium", hinders the passage of the white sunlight.

Before 1970 an American on the moon

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21 January 1964, President Johnson: Before 1970 an American on the moon.

Before 1970, an American will land on the moon. this is what President Johnson said in his message to Congress, requesting an amount of 20 billion guilders for expenditure in the field of aerospace in the tax year 1964 to 1965, he states that the American government is fully committed to its intention to land a man on the moon before 1970.

Zond-2 discovers unknown radiation

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28 October 1965, Zond 2 measures high level of radiation in space.

The radiation meter on board the Soviet space station, the Zond-2, which was launched on November 30 of the previous year, has discovered and measured a powerful radiation of unknown origin in planetary space. This new radiation, formed by radio waves, would be of great intensity. The observations on the origin of this radiation are continued.

1961 the origin of cosmic radiation

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7 October 1961, Cosmic radiation contains lithium, beryllium and boron.

Cosmic radiation - on the way to our solar system - apparently penetrates first through dense layers of interstellar gas. This is what the Russians have to say about the origin of cosmic radiation, that is not coming from our sun. They based this on observations bone with the sputniks. They have shown that almost half of the particles of cosmic radiation contain lithium, beryllium and boron. The cosmic radiation would thus contain one hundred thousand times more nuclei of these elements than the normal ratio of these elements in nature.