Comet England

krant 1

23 February 1673, Comet Portsmouth.

a Comet star was seen in Portsmouth, coming from the South-East, and going east, being as big as a man's head, this comet star will undoubtedly give some matter of speculation under the followers.

Comet Portugal

krant 1

3 October 1673, Comet Lisbon.

At night a comet-star was seen, standing in the east, very big even bigger then the evening star, it was flickering very clear, it is a new star that has never been seen before.

Fantastic plan from Goddard Center

newspaper 1

13 July 1962, Americas want to promote asteroid, to second moon.

Su Shu Huang - a research assistant at the famous Goddard Space Center in Greenbelt (Maryland) - has unveiled a new sensational project from the barely filled planning cabinet of the American program for cosmic research. Indeed, under his leadership, an investigation is currently being conducted into the possibility of "catching" a second moon for the earth.

German wunderwaffe

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7 July 1945, The German solar plan is bluff.

Dr. Charles G. Abbot, who is considered the greatest authority in the field of solar studies, is of the opinion that the Germans bluff when they speak of "platforms" designed by them, some 8000 km above the earth in order to utilize the power of the sun's rays. The astrophysicist writes in a letter to the Washington Post:

Artificial second moon

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13 August 1949, Australian experiment to create second moon.

Australian physicists to create second moon. Australian physicists are soon starting an experiments to create an artificial Polar Light that will illuminate the sky "like a second moon".