Soviets to land man on the moon by 1970

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12 April 1969, Russians still this year or in 1970 on the moon.

BUDAPEST (AP) This year or certainly next year, the Russians will land on the moon. That was said by the Russian astronaut, Colonel Vladimir Shatalov, during a visit to Budapest. The Russians have developed a program for landings on the moon, on Mars and on Venus. Our program goes according to plan and is built on a much broader base than the program of the Americans, according to Shatalov.

Head NASA Thomas Paine: People on Mars after 1980

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26 July 1969, NASA administrator with his head in the clouds.

HEAD NASA THOMAS PAINE: People on Mars after 1980 by WERNER KOHN, WASHINGTON, Saturday. - "I am convinced that there will be people on Mars in the 1980's", said Dr. Thomas O Paine, the NASA administrator, and top boss of the American agency for space who was interview yesterday on board Eastern Air Lines flight-554 from Houston to Washington. Dr. Paine arrived in Houston yesterday afternoon with the box of moon rock.

The Color of the moon

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28 August 1970, Moon dust has gray-brown color.

The moon dust brought back to earth by the Luna capsule is gray-brown in color, but when it is put in the light it becomes greenish with a hint of red through it. The moon dust was flown back to the earth with the Luna capsule last Monday. Thursday the capsule landed in Kazakhstan from where moon samples were transferred to the building of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. The moonstones are placed in quarantine, in a large machine, which resembles a deep-sea device, according to the Izwestia.

Prediction, in 1970 man will walk on the moon

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27 June 1959, Around 1970 man will land on the moon.

This prediction has been made by Soviet scholar U.S. Klebtsevich, in an article in "Komfeomoskaja Prawda." declared that man will land to establish a permanent scientific center on the moon, and by the end of the twentieth century regular flights will be made from the earth to the moon. Current technology already allows us to build guided projectiles that can reach the moon and some planets and in the coming years mankind will begin the attack on the moon, Mars and Venus.