The B-G rock on Mars

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26 July 1976, letters B&G discovered by NASA on Mars rock.

Pasadena (Reuters, AP) The mysterious symbols that were filmed on the Mars surface and sent back to Earth on Saturday by the viking robot are most likely shadow effects on the rocks. This was stated by mission control center in Pasadena. On the close-up film feeds transmitted to Earth it was thought that they had discovered the letters B and G and the number 2 on the rocks in front of the Viking. After the discovery the control center was baffled.

News clipping

After studying the images more closely Jim Martin explained that the B was caused by shadow effects on the rocks. According to scientists the other signs are also shadow effects caused by different minerals and the structure of the Mars surface. Meanwhile the robot arm that was tucked is reactivated and the arm can now extend up to 3 meters to take surface samples. The planned experiment on Wednesday that may indicate life on Mars can now continue as planned.

Translation from a 1976 Dutch article into English, 8 Jul. 2013 (AwE130).

Source: unknown newspaper, 26 July 1967.

Scan of the official press photo from the B.G rock on Mars. Roll your mouse over the image and the B G Rock NASA discovered will be marked for you. The press photo below is stored in the AwE130 archive. 

Photo B G Rock Mars