News clippings and videos about UFOs & extraterrestrials

video archive 1UFO Video Archive

The AwE130 UFO video archive is now available. Old and new UFO cases, close encounters of the third kind and much more. The video archive is a collection of complete documentaries about UFO and extraterrestrial encounters. People who saw things, things they cannot explain and the governments and "scientists" many times try to humiliate them for speaking out. Where ever you live where ever you are born, the truth is out there, keep watching our skies.


ufo1UFO Newspaper clippings

The news clipping archive about UFOs and extraterrestrials go back as far as the 17th century our earliest UFO clipping is dated 4 January 1681. Also we have news clippings from close encounters of the third kind and alien encounters. All the articles are translated into English. The UFO and Extraterrestrial section of the AwE130 archive is a must read for everyone who is interested in the subject of UFOs and aliens. The collection has at this moment over 300 news clippings related to the UFO phenomena and encounters with aliens from all around the world. Did you know that the Dutch physicist, mathematician, astronomer and inventor, Christiaan Huygens 14 April 1629, 8 July 1695, hypothesized on the possibility of extraterrestrial life in his work Cosmotheoros, which was published shortly before his death in 1695. We will release new clippings on a regular base.