UFO in Weile, Denmark


23rd January 1761, Eyewitness reports strange object.

GRONINGEN the 22nd of January. Seen in Weile (today vejle), a Danish city under the diocese of Rypen in North Jutland on the Ooftzee, the following letter of December 26th, at 10 o'clock in the evening a violent storm arose here. It was the night from the 26th to the 27th at 2 hours 4 minutes I was not yet in bed. An hour before, I discovered from my window, a very clear phenomenon, which I initially thought was a ray of lightning. The storm intensified.

UFO in Brussels


4th March 1709, It disappeared with a bang.

The day before yesterday in the evening, about fifteen minutes before ten o'clock, a flaming phenomenon was seen here in the air, in the form of a sphere and prodigiously large. It was seen for about five minutes and then disappeared with a great bang like a canon shot. It has caused much speculation here.

Flying saucers in Italy and Belgium


26th July 1947, Flying saucers in Italy and Belgium.

ROME. After the 'flying saucers', luminous oblong missiles have been seen above Italy, at an altitude of about 5000 meters. CHARLEROI. Around Charleroi (Belgium) a flying saucer has been sighted.

Flying saucers


4th July 1947, Flying saucers.

Over the last few days we have received several announcements regarding mysterious projectiles that have been sighted over the American coast. The "Courier Mail" reports that these mysterious objects are perhaps supersonic aircrafts.  They have been sighted along the west coast of America, from the Canadian border to Texas. There is now a fierce controversy over this in America. A name has already been found for it: flying saucers.

UFOs in the past


15th July 1947, UFOs in the past

They are now observed practically every day and, after their wanderings in the Northern states, seem to prefer the skies over Texas. The mysterious phenomena get on some people's nerves and the theories about what they are varied. Nuclear fission usually plays a major role in the various hypotheses. The saucers have so far created no disaster, so there is nothing to worry about. Some people took the opportunity to get 'in the newspapers' and set up 'Saucer Observatory'.