The fire-plague of 1088


28 August 1937, People and animals collapsed.

August 29, 1088: The ancient scripts report that on that day a strange air phenomenon had appeared at the firmament, which shot fire beams. This appearance was followed by such heat that many people and animals collapsed. The doctors in those days called it the fire plague.

Flying saucer seen in the Netherlands


9 September 1947, UFO seen in Oostvoorne.

On Saturday evening around a quarter past eight, an orange-red object was seen in the sky in Oostvoorne, moving from the East to the West at a fairly high speed. At the first sighting it was at a fairly high altitude, but as it moved more towards the West, the altitude became lower and even dropped below the cloud cover. The trajectory the object took was not constant, but moved in all possible directions from left to right and vice-versa, it also moved up and down with great speed. The main direction, however, remained East-West.

London 1749 air phenomenon


30 December 1749, The sky had opened.

On the 4th of this evening between 5 and 6 o'clock it was unusually dark when we suddenly saw a great light in the North, in such a way that it seemed that the sky had opened and out its midst came a light, the aperture was filled by an amazing...

Edenburg and New castle 1758 air phenomenon


21 December 1758, Did a UFO land near London.

The sky phenomenon, that is seen at Edenburg and New castle. Some people in this City (London) have also seen it, with this distinction, that instead of aiming straight through the sky, it seemed to have fallen down close to them.

Three suns seen in Italy


7 May 1750, Seen in Genoa.

According to letters from Genoa of the 20th, on the 13th of that month, at 7 o'clock in the morning, a rare sky phenomenon of 3 Suns and a rainbow, where seen, all kind of speculations were made what it meant.