Dr. Carl Jung, they do exist


1 August 1958, Flying saucers exist.

They are controlled by beings who look like people. If they came not from the earth, it would mean that somewhere there are beings that are technically at a much higher level than the humans. This is a conclusion from the Swiss psychologist Dr. Carl Jung. He says that the observations of flying saucers are not made by psychological influence, but are a fact. Not long ago, the same Mr Jung stated that the many "observations" of flying saucers could only be explained by mass suggestion... in other words, if someone thought to have seen a flying saucer, other people thought also to have seen the phenomenon.

UFOs over New Zealand


2 January 1979, Air force takes action.

AUCKLAND - The New Zealand Air Force has been brought into action. Wellington shows that they takes the observations of flying saucers very seriously. The government came into action after some clear images made by an Australian TV crew were seen plus the announcements from air traffic controllers who received "strange blips" on their radar screens.

UFO Chicago, not an April joke?


17 May 1897, UFO above Chicago.

The New York Herald continues to send messages — still received "by Commercial Cable" about the odd appearance of odd lights on the sky observed in Chicago. The cities between Omaha and Chicago have been revolting for four weeks already because of the odd light phenomenon that seems to be excellently controlled and rotates in circles and makes all kinds of figures over a half-mile distance. Especially at night, those lights must make a ghostly impression!

Flying saucers centuries old


April 1954, UFOs nothing new.

Nothing new under the sun. A few centuries ago there were also flying saucers (Air phenomenon) described as half Moons but unusually much larger. In nowadays with the news is reporting about Atom, Hydrogen and cobalt bombs, the flying saucers are entirely disappeared from the news. Yet many scientists and military authorities are still concerned about the existence of these phenomena in the air. Some claim that those flying saucers are mere delusions; Others claim it to be an atmospheric state that cause light phenomena; a third sees tests of an "enemy power" or, if necessary, secret tests of their own powers. Still others insist that those flying saucers, or whatever it may be, come from other planets and  observe the earth. There are all sorts of stories circulating that here or there such a strange spacecraft would have landed, but whether that is true or not is not so easy to conclude.

Flying saucer in England


24 July 1963, UFO in potato field.

Australian astronomer Dr. Robert Randall, who worked at the Woomera rocket base, believes that a flying saucer may have caused a mysterious hole found in a potato field in Charlton, southern England. That flying saucer could then come from the environment of the planet Uranus, have a diameter of 150 meters and weigh 600 tons. The disk may have hit the ground three times before taking off again, Randall said. The British army is talking about a meteorite or an explosion of an old bomb from the war. (Reuter).