US Air force pilot sees UFO

ufo129 January 1953, UFO above Japan.

TOKIO, 28. January (VP). - There are the last weeks. again strange lights and disks observed above Japan. A lieutenant of the American Air Force has revealed that, on March 20 of the previous year, he saw a flying saucer above Japan on his Thunder jet. The thing had a diameter of 20 centimeters, came to seven meters from the plane, circled around a wing and disappeared silently thereafter. The pilot issued an official report about it.

UFO above Kuwait


23 November 1978, UFO above Kuwait.

Above Kuwait a UFO (Unidentified flying object) appeared for the third time in two weeks. Yesterday a local newspaper reported the latest UFO sighting was early Tuesday morning, one day after the government formed a special "UFO commission" to examine the two previous cases. According to the newspaper, the Al Anba'a, the first two times during the short appearance of the UFO the telecommunications between Kuwait and the outside world had been interrupted.

UFO hits airplane in Hong Kong


18 July 1949, Flying Saucer Over Hong Kong.

HONG KONG, July 17 (Reuter). A flying saucer has flown over Hong Kong, according pilot Chambers of a Beachcraft, who works as a meteorological observer. At a height of 17,000 feet, Chamber's airplane was suddenly hit by a shiny object approaching him from starboard. In order to avoid the object, Chambers strongly maneuvered to the left. He felt a shock and after that everything was normal again After landing, Chambers found a hole of over ten centimeters in the right wing of the Beachcdaft where the "dish" had hit the airplane.

UFO spotted over water tank Kuwait

ufo112 January 1979, UFO above Kuwait.

The new year started in Kuwait with observing UFOs (unidentified flying objects). Up to three times, employees of a US oil company have seen an inexplicable phenomena in the sky. At the same time, telecommunications between Kuwait and the outside world was interrupted for a short period of time. The government takes the phenomena seriously. This can be concluded from the research that is being carried out. Perhaps these observations are taken so seriously because the UFOs have been seen in the vicinity of the vulnerable and huge water tanks at Sabria.

UFO above Kuwait Filmed

ufo128 November 1978, UFO above Kuwait filmed.

The most recent observation is one from the oil state of Kuwait, according to the Al Anba newspaper, an unknown object was spotted three times in twee weeks, over the province of Sabria in the north of the country. After the second sighting, the troubled government of Kuwait instructed to investigate what the object was and what it wanted.