UFOs fly between China Taiwan


9 December 1993, Flying Saucer between China and Taiwan.

Thousands of unidentified flying objects, UFOs , travel undisturbed between China and Taiwan. Despite the tightly bounded boundaries between both states. Experts from China and Taiwan, came to the conclusion, at a symposium in Beijing that around 6,000 UFOs made a direct flight between the two countries.

Captain Boshoff saw UFO


30 July 1954, Captain tells, we have seen a flying saucer.

NEW YORK. 30 July. "We have seen a flying saucer," said Captain Boshoff of the ship "Groote Beer" on arrival yesterday at the New York harbor. He said that he and his officers had been able to follow the flying saucer, through binoculars for ten minutes, it looked like a crescent moon, about 130 kilometers off the US coast. According to Captain Boshoff, the disk was gray-white in color with some bright spots. The crew saw the disk disappear into the clouds after about ten minutes at a height of about 14 kilometers.

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UFO seen above Medan Indonesia


29 January 1953, Another UFO above Medan (Indonesia).

Again Medan has seen a phenomenon in the air, that has given the followers of the flying saucer theory plenty of substance to speculate. We heard from various people, that last night around midnight a yellowish pink shining object the size of a large star zigzagged from South to North above the city and then disappeared out of sight. The phenomenon lasted about fifteen minutes, it had a high altitude and great speed.

UFO investigation ordred by Sweden


10 January 1953, Sweden orders investigation into flying object.

The Swedish Air Force has ordered a full investigation into a mysterious flying object, which was seen by a airplane over Southern Sweden, flying from the direction of Russia over the East Sea. General Bengt Norderskjold, supreme commander of the Swedish air force, ordered all Swedish radar stations to file complete reports about the object.

More UFOs above Suriname


18 July 1947, UFOs above Paramaribo (Suriname).

This morning there were three flying disks or at least three strange objects, seen above Paramaribo. They flew at great heights with a very decent speed and were silvery in color. We found a reliable eyewitness in Mr. H. van Sprang, 65, a retired official who lives a few houses over the bridge of the Gonggrijpstraat.