UFO Vlaardingen Netherlands


16 September 1909, UFO above Vlaardingen.

We got the following report sent to us: In the Vlaardingen newspaper of last night a strange natural phenomenon was mentioned. I did also observe this phenomenon. Last night between 3 and 4 o'clock I was on the 's-Gravenweg onder Nieuwerkerk. The night was quite dark as the sky was cloudy. Suddenly a clear greenish light was shining up on us. I turned around and saw a disk, it had the diameter of which corresponded to that of the moon. With an amazing speed the disc shot through the clouds.

UFO seen by pilot in Australia


21 May 1953, Flying saucer above Australia.

The meteorologists at the airport at Rochhampton 600 km north of Brisbane, are focused on the sky. Monday morning, as reported yesterday, a silvery round object was seen. The object was first observed with an observation instrument, which normally is used to observe weather balloons. With the naked eye, the object had the size of a pinhead and changed course several times. Last week, Captain BL Jones, a commercial pilot, reported that a "shiny object" was maneuvering near his aircraft during a flight in the evening above Mackay, which is located 260 km northwest of Rockhampton.

UFO seen in Japan


12 May 1950, Flying saucer Tokio.

The American magazine for military personnel "Stars and stripes" has reported that a flying saucer has been discovered and photographed at an US air base near Tokyo, as it turned out to be sergeant pilot Abner Saucer, who has been flying for years, without attracting any attention. [Typical UFO mocking by US army]

UFO seen in North Carolina 1893


26 December 1893, natural phenomenon or UFO.

In North Carolina, a strange phenomenon in the air was observed on Wednesday morning from half past six to seven o'clock. It must have been wonderful, although it was unclear what it actually was. Some describe it as a meteor and others as a comet. An eyewitness told it had the appearance of a star with a long tail. It finally exploded and displayed a trace of beautifully fire of different colors. 

UFO as big as the moon Java Indonesia


22 October 1906, Red Light as big as the Moon, Java.

On Sunday evening around 8 o'clock, a strange sky phenomenon was observed at Bedojo, central Java. In the South-West a red-shining object, about the size of the moon, was moving slowly through the air. It became smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared behind the clouds. This phenomenon has been observed for about half an hour.