UFO above Zaandam Netherlands


25 July 1952, UFO above Zaandam.

(From our correspondent) Citizens from Zaandam (Netherlands), have observed the wonderful phenomenon known as the flying saucer. From the reactions that were reported to us this morning, was the description given by a teacher the most sober but also the most reliable. The man saw a light gleam in the air just after midnight in the northeastern direction. At first he thought it was a falling star, but the light moved back and forwards like a jo-jo.

UFO Medan Indonesia


2 February 1953, UFO above Medan (Indonesia).

A phenomenon has been seen in the sky, that the followers of the flying saucer theory have given plenty of substance to speculate. Several people reported that on Wednesday evening around midnight a yellow-pink rose-colored object that had the size of a large star. the object was observed for fifteen minutes, with great speed zigzagging from south to north above the city and then disappeared.

UFO mania in Argentina

ufo11 July 1968, Police in Argentina is tired of UFO reports.

MENDOZA (Rtr.) - The police in the Argentine province of Mendoza, is tired of the wave of rumors about flying saucers and extraterrestrials, which seems to scare the people. They announced this week, that the justice system will prosecute anyone who distributes unsubstantiated rumors about such cases.

UFO report from 1621 France


2 July 1976, UFOs seen in 1621 France.

Just by the time that the Viking (space probe) lands on the planet Mars, a seventeenth-century book appears in a library in the south of France, showing that the inhabitants of Nimes, Lyon and Montpellier have already seen "Martians". Although in those days there were probably also wondrous stories about wondrous creatures, and flying objects. The book, printed in Lyon in 1621 has only sixteen pages, with the title:

Green aliens seen in Iran

ufo18 April 1976, Green aliens seen in Iran.

Farmers in the area of Ispahan in ​​Persia, against all skepticism, insist that they have seen three Aliens. The spotted trio would have fallen from the sky at Ispahan and according to the Tehran newspaper who reported the landing, "they had green skin, just like frogs." The farmers said that the extraterrestrials had a purple belly, they were also wider than they were tall, about 1.8 meter by 1 meters. the newspaper Etelaat has sent a correspondent to the region to investigate what the farmers really saw.