UFOs seen in Hungary

ufo127 November 1989, Hungarians see flying saucers.

Budapest, Hungarian meteorologists observed four bright orange UFOs on Friday, with a diameter of 50 to 100 meters. At their request, the Hungarian Air Force sent a pilot, who traced the four flying objects at an altitude of six kilometers, until they suddenly disappeared. A few weeks ago, aliens were also been spotted in Hungary.

Green aliens seen in Iran

ufo15 April 1976, green aliens seen in Iran.

Tehran, Farmers in the vicinity of the Iranian region Ispahan insist that they have seen three Martians. The spotted trio would have fallen from the sky at Ispahan and according to the Tehran newspaper that reported the landing, they had a green skin, just like frogs. The farmers said that the alien visitors had a purple belly. They were also wider than they were long, about 180 centimeters by a meter.

UFO steals cattle in the US


4 May 1897, airship steals cattle.

A former member of the legislative chamber of Kansas saw a large object with brilliant lights hovering over his cows. Last night he his son and a servant were awakened by the noise of their cattle. When they went outside, they saw a large object with brilliant lights hovering over his cows. they rushed outside armed with axes, at that moment the object lifted itself up into the air, pulling a three year old ox with it.

Aliens seen in Norway


25 August 1954, aliens seen in Norway.

Stephenson head of the police department in the Northern part of central Norway (Mosjoen). Reported that yesterday two Norwegian women have seen a landed "flying saucer". According to the North Norwegian magazine "Helgeland" the women told that a dark man with long hair walked towards them when they were picking berries.

Aliens seen in Norway


27 August 1954, aliens seen in Norway. (UFO cover up story US air force)

Flying saucer-pilot was an American helicopter pilot this was announced yesterday at Oslo. The mystery of the flying saucer in Mosjoeen is now solved. Bailey Faurot an US Air Force pilot stationed in Germany said that he had landed with his Sikorsky helicopter near Mosjoeen and met the two ladies who later told the world the fantastic story of a meeting with a resident of Mars. (Two days earlier news report click here)